Career Prospects

Our graduates will enter the job market equipped with a set of critical thinking skills and practical experience in analysing many aspects of social life – which they have developed through research training in both qualitative and quantitative methods. Their skills and attitudes make them valuable to potential employers and institutions in areas such as the following:
• Social Research
• Civil Service and Public Administration
• Management (including Human Resources, Corporate Communications, etc.)
• Education and Training
• Media (including Public Relations, Advertising, Journalism, and Broadcasting)
• Business, Marketing, and Private-Sector/Commercial Organizations
• Creative Industries (including the Arts, Arts Management, Heritage, Design, etc.)
• Voluntary Organizations (Non-governmental Organisations, Foundations, etc.)
• International Organizations (Embassies, MNCs or TNCs, Regional Bodies, etc.)
In addition to pursuing careers in a wide variety of fields, an NTU Honours degree in Sociology enables you to continue on to graduate-level studies in the social sciences or other relevant fields such as business, law, and government. (Entry requirements for such programmes are established by the respective universities.)