Programme Description

The graduate programme in Sociology at NTU offers MA and PhD degrees by research. Faculty members have engaged in teaching and research in a wide range of topics, including Cultural Sociology, Economic Sociology, Political Sociology, Social Inequality, Organisations, Globalisation, Development and Social Change, Migration, Science and Technology, Environmental Sociology, Risk and Disaster, Media, Cities and Urban Life, Religion Language, Deviance and Subcultures, Popular Culture, Social Psychology, Family Gender and Sexuality, Tourism, Education, Sociology of Southeast Asia, and Chinese Societies. Candidates pursuing graduate degrees by research take courses and work closely with their supervisors toward a thesis on an approved topic. Our graduate programme is suitable for those pursuing careers in research and teaching.

Our Total Research Areas comprise of the following:
Cultural Sociology; Economic Sociology; Political Sociology; Social Inequality; Organisations; Globalisation; Development and Social Change; Migration; Science and Technology; Environmental Sociology; Media; Cities and Urban Life; Religion; Language; Deviance and Subcultures; Popular Culture; Social Psychology; Family; Gender and Sexuality; Tourism; Education; Sociology of Southeast Asia; Chinese Societies

Main areas of research

  1. Technology, Science, and New Media
  2. Migration and Development
  3. Family, Gender, and Inequality
  4. ​Population, Environment, and Health