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Xiao Hong

Hong XIAO 

Associate Professor 
PhD (Sociology, 1998)
The University of Connecticut at Storrs

Ph. 6790 4285
Fax. 6794-6303
Email: xiaohong@ntu.edu.sg
Curriculum Vitae (in pdf)  
Publication List and Curriculum Vitae: http://nanyang.academia.edu/HongXiao  
Research Interests: 
Social inequality, culture and values, families, generational cohort, gender, domestic violence, environmental awareness and knowledge
HS1001: Person and Society
HS2028: Graying Society
HS3016: Comparative Societies
HS4008: Social Institutions of Contemporary China
HS7002: Classical Sociological Theory and Research 
Selected Publications: 
Xiao, Hong and Jaynina Smith-Prince. 2015. “Disclosure of Childhood Sex Abuse: The Case of Pacific Islanders.” Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, Vol. 24, No 4, 369-384.
Chenyang Li and Hong Xiao. 2014. Overseas Chinese and the Growing Influence of Chinese Philosophy (全球华人和中国哲学的世界性). Journal of Sun Yatsen University (Social Science Edition) (中山大学学报:社会科学版) Vol. 54, No 1, 111-117.
Chenyang Li and Hong Xiao. 2014. Reflections on Tang Jun Yis Idea of Re-rooting in Foreign Soil”(反思唐君毅先生的‘灵根自植’). Pp 294-305 in Confucianism: Current Development and Future Outlook (《儒学的当前发展与未来前瞻》) edited by Jing Haifeng (景海峰主编) . Beijing (北京): The Peoples Publishing House (人民出版社)
Xiao, Hong. 2013. “Knowledge Gaps on Water Issues and Consumption Habits in At-risk Chinese Cities.” International Journal of China Studies , Vol. 4, No 3, 327-341

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