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TEO You Yenn

Associate Professor ​
Provost's Chair in Sociology
Head, Sociology 

Office: HSS-05-46        

Telephone: 6316 8933

Email:  yyteo@ntu.edu.sg


Research Areas: Class Inequalities and Poverty, Public Policy, Governance, Welfare Citizenship, State-Society Relations and Culture, Gender; Singapore. 

Teaching Areas: Classical Social Theory, Qualitative Methodology in Social Research; Power, Politics and the State, Sociology of Gender; Social Class and Inequality; Social Movements. 

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Francis LIM Khek Gee

Associate Professor

Office: HSS-05-29

Telephone: 6316 8739

Email: fkglim@ntu.edu.sg

Research AreasGlobalisation and Cultural Change, Tourism, Religion, Technology and Society, Anthropology of HIV and AIDS, South Asia (Nepal, Tibet), China, Singapore Studies.  

Teaching Areas: Classical Social Theory, Understanding Globalization, Sociology of Tourism.

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Felicity CHAN

Assistant Professor

Office: HSS-04-93

Telephone:  6904 7115

Email: felicitychan@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: Social Life in Cities, Planning/Design of Urban Built Environment, Spatial Ethnography, Urban Diversity.  

Teaching Areas: City Planning and Design, Urban Theory, Globalisation, Immigration.

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​Ian McGonigle

Nanyang Assistant Professor

Office: HSS-05-35B

: 65141722

Email: ianmcgonigle@ntu.edu.sg

Research AreasEthnopharmacology; Middle Eastern Societies; Philosophical Anthropology; Precision Medicine; Science, Technology, & Society

Teaching Areas: Social Anthropology; Science, Technology, & Society

Assistant Professor

Office: HSS-04-92

Telephone: 6904 2198

Email:  ian@ntu.edu.sg

Research AreasCultural and Political Geography, Social Movements, Tourism, Transitional Justice, Innovation.

Teaching Areas: Cultural and Political Sociology.

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Associate Professor


Office: HSS-05-41

Telephone: 6513 2713

Email:  patrick.williams@ntu.edu.sg

Research AreasMicro-Sociology and Social Psychology (Symbolic Interaction), Cultural Sociology, Self and Identity, Qualitative Research Methods, Subcultural Theory, Youth Subcultures, Digital Media Cultures, Games and Gaming.

Teaching Areas: Culture, Self and Identity, Social Psychology, Youth Cultures and Subcultures, Social Science Fiction, Theory and Method in Social Research.

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Jung Jong Hyun.jpg

Jung Jong Hyun

Assistant Professor


Telephone: 6316 8744


Areas:  Sociology of Mental Health, Religion, Aging and Life Course, Family, Work and Social Stratification and Social Psychology

Teaching Areas: Sociology of Mental Health


Kamaludeen Mohamed Nasir

Associate Professor

Office: HSS-05-25

Telephone: 6592 7535

Email: kamaludeen@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas Religion, Social Stratification, Popular Culture, Deviance & Social Control.

Teaching Areas: Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Deviance, Qualitative Methods, Singapore Society. 

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KWOK Kian Woon

Associate Provost (Student Life)      

Office: HSS-05-50

Telephone: 6592 1879

Email: kwkwok@ntu.edu.sg

Research AreasSocial Aspects of Underground Environments, Mental Health Epidemiology and Literacy in Singapore, War, Trauma and memories in Asia, Chinese Overseas, Culture and Cultural Policy (Arts and Heritage), Singapore and Asian modernity.

Teaching Areas: Singapore Society, Person and Society, Social Change, Contemporary Sociological Theory and Research, Classical Sociological Theory and Research.

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Assistant Professor


Office: HSS-05-45

Telephone: 6316 8960 

Email:  laavanyak@ntu.edu.sg 

Research AreasMigration within the Global South, Diversity and Multiculturalism; Urban Studies/Urban Sociology with a focus on Global Cities, Friendship and Affect, Race and Ethnicity, Ethnography and Visual Methods.  

Teaching Areas: Urban Studies.

Curriculum Vitae


Lee Hyo Jung

Assistant Professor


Telephone: 6908 1778

Email:  hjlee@ntu.edu.sg
Research Areas: Aging and Health, Late-Life Social Relationships, Health Behaviour and Health Care Use among older adults, End-of-Life for Older Adults, Quality of Life and Death
Teaching Areas: Social Gerontology

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Monamie Bhadra Haines

Assistant Professor


Telephone: 6316 8742

Email:  monamie.haines@ntu.edu.sg

Research AreasScience and Technology Studies, Nuclear Power, Renewable Energy Transitions, Science and Democracy, Politics of Knowledge and Power, Social Movements, Citizenship

Teaching Areas:  Science, Technology and Democracy; Environmental Social Movements; Environmental Politics of the Global South; Politics and Cultures of Nuclear Power; Postcolonial Social Movements over Science and Technology; Science, Technology and International Development; Science and Technology Policy.

Curriulum Vitae

Muhammad Saidul ISLAM 

Associate Professor

Office: HSS-05-44

Telephone: 6592 1519  

Email: msaidul@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: Environmental Sociology, International Development, Global Aquaculture, Neoliberal Globalisation, Sustainability, Disaster Vulnerabilities, Social and Environmental Justice, Religion and Human Rights.

Teaching Areas: Environmental Sociology.

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Associate Professor

Office: HSS-05-39

Telephone:  6592 1520

Email:  premchand@ntu.edu.sg 

Research Areas Social demography, Families and households, Marriage and Divorce, Ageing and Gerontology, Liveability in Cities.

Teaching Areas: Social Statistics, Quantitative and Survey Research methods, Population and Society, South Asian societies, Ageing and Gerontology.

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Shirley SUN 

Associate Professor

Office: HSS-05-23

Telephone: 6316 8832

Email:  hlsun@ntu.edu.sg

Research AreasMedical Sociology (Precision Medicine); Science, Technology and Society, Citizenship; Population Studies; Public and Social Policy; Sociology of Reproduction; Migration; Families; Social Inequalities (race, class, gender relations)​

Teaching Areas: Medical Sociology, Sociology of Reproduction, Family and Gender, Qualitative Methods.

Curriculum​ Vitae | Personal Webpage

Prof Stephen Campbell_1.jpg

Stephen D. Campbell

Assistant Professor

Office: HSS-05-48 

Telephone: 6592 7883


Research Areas: Anthropology of state formation, political economy, labour migration, border studies, Myanmar, Thailand, workerist/autonomist theory

Teaching Areas: Labou r in Southeast Asia
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Sulfikar AMIR

Associate Professor 

Office: HSS-05-31

 6316 8839 

Email: sulfikar@ntu.edu.sg

Research AreasScience and Technology Studies, Risk and Disaster, Resilience, City and Infrastructure Studies.

Teaching Areas: Science, Technology, and Society, Global Problems, Sociology of Risk and Crisis, Cities and Urban Life.

Curriculum Vitae

Tan Joo Ean updated.jpg
TAN Joo Ean  

Assistant Professor


Office: HSS-05-40

Telephone: 6316 8833 

Email: JETan@ntu.edu.sg 

Research AreasMarriage, Family, Social Change, Southeast Asia. 

Teaching Areas: Research Methods, Quantitative Research Methods, Organisations.

Curriculum Vitae 


YE Junjia (JIA)

Assistant Professor

Office: HSS-04-91

Telephone: 6904 7159

Email: jjye@ntu.edu.sg

Research AreasUrban diversity; migration; development; inequality and precarity in global cities; subjectivities; comparative urbanism; collaborative visual ethnographic methods (photography and film)

Teaching Areas: Migration; Encounters with Difference; Urban Sojourns: The City as Laboratory; Geographies of Uneven Development; Labour and Labour Markets.

Curriculum Vitae 

ZHAN Shaohua

Assistant Professor

Office: HSS-05-38

Telephone: 6790 4379

Email:  shzhan@ntu.edu.sg 

Research AreasEconomic Sociology, International Development, China, Migration, Rural Sociology, Food Security, Labour and Labour Movements, Historical Sociology, World-Systems Analysis, Social Inequality, Poverty.

Teaching Areas: Social Statistics.

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