Minor in PPGA (Intake before Aug 2013)

Before August 2013 | August 2013 - 2015 | August 2016 onwards​

To satisfy the requirements for a minor in Public Policy and Global Affairs, students must complete at least five courses, including two compulsory courses, with the remaining to be selected from the list of electives. The compulsory courses help students develop a comprehensive understanding of the fields of International Relations, Public Policy and Public Administration. 

Compulsory courses
  • HA1003 Introduction to Public Administration
  • HA1004 Introduction to Public Policy
  • HA2006 The Rise of China
  • HA2007 Human Resources Management in the Public Sector
  • HA2011 Cost-Benefit Analysis in Public Policy
  • HA2014 Public Organisation and Management
  • HA3007 Public Budgeting and Financial Management
  • HA3009 Comparative Public Administration
  • HA3014 Singapore's Foreign Policy
  • HA3015 Media and Politics
  • HA3016 China's Foreign Policy
  • HA4005 Constitutional And Administrative Law