Students admitted in 2013 and before

​ ​ PPGA Programme Structure
A. Major Requirements B. General Education Requirements  Total (AUs)
Core                     Prescribed Electives Core Prescribed Electives (PEs) Unrestricted Electives (UEs)  
32 AUs ​37 AUs 12 AUs ​15 AUs ​30 AUs ​ 126 AUs
8 Courses + FYP 11 Courses 4 Courses  5 Courses 13 courses  
A. Major Requirements
The Major Requirements for Public Policy and Global Affairs Major consists of 3 components:
  • Public Policy and Global Affairs Core Courses (32 AUs)
  • Public Policy and Global Affairs Prescribed Electives (37 AUs)
  • Graduation Project (FYP) (8 AUs)

Requirements of the Public Policy and Global Affairs Major:
A1. Public Policy and Global Affair Core (Compulsory) Courses
  • HA1001 Introduction to International Relations
  • HA1002 Introduction to Political Theory
  • HA1003 Introduction to Public Administration
  • HA1004 Introduction to Public Policy
  • HA2001 Making Sense of Politics
  • HA2002 Politics of Singapore
  • HA3001 Power, Politics and the State
  • HA3002 Research Methodology in Social Sciences
  • HA4099 Graduation Project
A2. Public Policy and Global Affair Electives 
Students  must choose 11 electives (with a minimum of 37 AUs) from the wide range of Public Policy and Global Affairs Prescribed Electives. At least 4 of the 11 electives must be from level-4000 courses from each categories.
Politics and International Relations
  • HA1005 Comparative Politics in Asia
  • HA2003 Politics and Government in Southeast Asia
  • HA2004 Theories in International Relations
  • HA2005 Modern Political Ideologie
  • HA2006 The Rise of China
  • HA3003 The Politics of Ethnicity
  • HA3004 United States and East Asia
  • HA3005 Politics of the Developing World
  • HA3006 Asian Political Thought
  • HA3014 Singapore's Foreign Policy
  • HA3015 Media and Politics
  • HA3016 China's Foreign Policy
  • HA4001 ASEAN in the 21st Century
  • HA4002 Politics of Democratization in East and West
  • HA4003 Globalization and East Asian Politics
  • HA4004 Terrorism and Security


Public Policy and Administration

  • HA2007 Human Resources Management in Public Sector
  • HA2008 Government, Nonprofits and Society
  • HA2009 The Making of E-government
  • HA2010 Public Administration in Southeast Asia
  • HA3007 Public Budgeting and Financial Management
  • HA3008 Nonprofit Management and Social Entrepreneurship
  • HA3009 Comparative Public Administration
  • HA4005 Constitutional and Administrative Law in Singapore
  • HA4006 Special Topic in Public Administration
  • HA4007 Public Organisation and Management
  • HA4008 Ethics of Public Administration and Policy
  • HA2011Cost-benefit Analysis in Public Policy
  • HA2012 Global Problems and Policy
  • HA2013 Comparative Public Policy
  • HA3010 Mass Media and Public Policy
  • HA3011 Science, Technology and Public Policy
  • HA3012 Policy Evaluation
  • HA4009 Special Issues in Public Policy
  • HA4010 Technology, Innovation and Policy


B. General Education Requirements (GER) (57 AUs)
B1. GER-Core (12 AUs)
  • Communication Skills
    HW0101 Introduction to Critical Writing
    HW0201 Research Writing in the Social Sciences
  • Singapore Studies (3 AUs) 
  • Environment Sustainability (3 AUs)*

    *Please check semester's offerings before you register.

B2. GER-Prescribed Electives (PEs) (15 AUs)
Students to choose 5 courses from 4 categories of studies with at least 1 course in each category.
  • Science and Technology
  • Humanities and Social Sciences 
  • Business and Management
  • Liberal Studies

B3. GER-Unrestricted Electives (UEs) (30AUs)

There are no restrictions on the selection of courses to make up unrestricted electives. Students can choose any of the following:
  • Complete a Minor in another discipline.
  • Earn AUs under an International Exchange programme.
  • Earn AUs under the optional Professional Attachment programme offered under HSS.
  • Any course offered by any School as long as the pre-requisites are satisfied.