Master of Science in Applied Economics


Submission of Application Form

Admission Documents Checklist 

    1. Application form
    2. IC (For Singaporean / SPR) or Passport (For international applicant)
    3. IELTS / TOEFL (Not more than 2 years from the issued date of the certificate)
    4. Transcript 
    5. GRE (Optional)
    6. Graduation Certificate*
    7. Reference letter (Minimum 2)
    8. CV /  personal statement
    9. Letter of Employment / IRAS Statements

    10. Other certificates
    11. E-payment acknowledgement of payment email from NTU/Payment acknowledgement from internet payment  

    *Please note that we do not provide refunds of all application registration fees and any mail postage fees

*If you have not graduated from your undergraduate degree and waiting for your graduation, you can request your university to issue a letter stating that you have completed all the requirement for your undergraduate degree and has been awarded the degree. Otherwise your application will not be processed. Please wait for the next available online application date.