Master of Science in Applied Economics


Tuition Fees

The tuition fee for Singapore & SPR candidates is $24,000 (Revised fee only applicable from 2018 onwards) and international candidates is $28,000 (Revised fee only applicable from 2018 onwards) for three trimesters. Successful applicants are required to pay an enrollment fee of $500 upon registration. This enrollment fee can be used to offset the first trimester’s tuition fee. 
All candidates must complete their coursework and applied research project requirements by the third trimester. If a candidate cannot graduate by the third trimester, he or she is required to pay $2,400 (for Singaporean/SPR), $2,800 (for international candidates) per course per trimester and $2,100 for the Applied Research Project per trimester for the fourth trimester and beyond.
Tuition fees will be collected on a trimester basis. Specifically, the tuition fee is $8,000 (for Singaporean/SPR) and $9,333.33 (for international candidates) per trimester per candidate.

Beside the ​programme fee, there are miscellaneous and insurance fee payable:​​​

Programme / Miscellaneous Fees


​​Amount (SGD$)​​ ​
​​ Singaporean / SPR ​International
​Tuition Fee 24,000​
(Revised fee only applicable from 2018 onwards)
(Revised fee only applicable from 2018 onwards)
Exam Fee ​160.50 160.50​
Registration Fee 64.20 64.20
​IT Facilities Fee 18.19 18.19
​Smart Card ​10.70 ​10.70
Amenities​ Fee 38.50 38.50
Sports Fee 57.70​ ​​57.70
​Copyright Fee 13​.00 13​.00
​Student Health Service Fee (Medical Scheme)

  • Compulsory for all students 
    (Local, SPR, international student)

(Subjected to Changes)

(Subjected to Changes)
​Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (GPAI)
  • Optional for all students

(inclusive of GST)
(Subjected to Changes)

(inclusive of GST)
(Subjected to Changes)
Group Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance (GHSI)
  • Compulsory for International students and SPR
  • Optional for local students

(Su​bjected to Changes)​

(Subjected to Changes)​
​Total ​24,579.69 ​28,579.69