Master of Science in Applied Economics



The programme requires every candidate to earn a total of 30 academic units (AUs) in order to graduate. Candidates can choose to earn 27 AUs from coursework and 3 AUs from an Applied Research Project (ARP), or earn all 30 AUs from coursework. The AUs from coursework will be earned from reading a combination of half and full courses. A full course carries 3 academic units (AUs), while a half course carries 1.5 AUs. Hence, a candidate must complete 9 full courses, which can be done within three trimesters, and complete the Applied Research Project in order to graduate.

Typically, a candidate will read three full courses per trimester. Candidates who choose not to do an Applied Research Project are required to read one extra full course either in Trimester 2 or Trimester 3.​

The courses offered will depend on the availability of faculty, and wherever possible we will take into account the interests of students. Generally, a candidate is expected to read the following courses: 

​​Core - Compulsory​

  • ​​AE6207 - Quantitative Methods
  • ​AE6101 - Advanced Micro Economics
  • AE6102 - Advanced Macro Economics
  • AE6103 - Applied Econometrics
  • AE6312 - Economic Growth & Development


  • ​​​AE6201 - Macroeconometric Modelling and Forecasting
  • AE6304 - Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • AE8204 - Behavioural Economics

The Applied Research Project can be completed either individually or by a group of two students.

Candidates who wish to apply for a waiver of any core course can substitute the core course with an elective course, subject to the approval of the Chair. Only one substitution of a core course with an elective is permitted. The request for waiver or credit transfer/exemption will only be considered at the point of admission.​