BSocSci (Hons) in Economics with 2nd Major in Business


Interdisciplinary Major PEs

The School of Social Sciences (SSS) hopes to give our students the opportunity to gain interdisciplinary training within the humanities and social sciences discipline.
The School has carefully selected a set of interdisciplinary Major-PEs, so as to provide students with​ a broad-based curriculum within the School.
This list of Interdisciplinary Major-PEs are for students who are interested and confident to take modules outside their Major of Study. If students wish to focus on taking Major-PEs from their own major programme, they can still do so. 
The following modules are part of a common pool of Interdisciplinary Major-PEs that all SSS students (single major students only) can register for, regardless of their offering Programme with effect from Semester 2, AY2016-2017.
Modules with pre-requisites are indicated in red below.
Offering Programme
Existing courses
HH1007 The Making of Civilizations
HH3013 Comparative History of Race Science
HC3001 Modern Chinese Literature (will remain as Core for CHIN students)
(Pre-req: B4 and above in O-Level Chinese or equivalent)
HC3003 Southeast Asian Chinese (will remain as Core for CHIN students)
(Pre-req: B4 and above in O-Level Chinese or equivalent)
HP1000 Introduction to Psychology (will remain as Core for PSY students)
HP1100 Fundamentals of Social Science Research (will remain as Core for PSY students)
HA3016 China's Foreign Policy (Pre-req: HA1004)
HA3010 Mass Media and Public Policy (Pre-req: HA1004)
HE1004 Introduction to Statistical Theory and Methods
(will remain as Core for ECON students)
HE9092 Economic Theory (Pre-req: HE9091)
HS2007 Understanding Globalization (Pre-req: HS1001)
HS2028 Graying society: Issues and Challenges (Pre-req: HS1001)
HY1001 Introduction to Philosophy (will remain as Core for PHIL students)
HY3001 Existentialism: Freedom, Being, Death
HG1001 Fundamentals of Linguistics: Mind and Meaning
(will remain as Core for LMS students)
HG2020 Language in Society (will remain as Core for LMS students)
(Pre-req: HG1002)
HL1001 Introduction to the Study of Literature
HL1005 Singaporean Literature and Culture (Pre-req: HL1001)
Please note that: 
  1. Students are to take not more than 2 courses from the common pool of Major-PEs courses as substitute of their own Major-PEs.
  2. ​​The interdisciplinary Major-PEs can be used to replace modules from Group A and Group B. However, you can replace only 1 Group A module.
  3. Waiver of the pre-requisites will be granted for SSS students should they wish to register any of these 18 modules. Thus, they are advised to put in extra effort when attempting those higher level courses with pre-requisite.