Faculty Publications


Forthcoming Journal Articles
Alba, Joseph D., Wang Peiming. Forthcoming. "Taylor rule and Discretionary Regimes in the United States: Evidence from a k-state Markov regime switching model." Macroeconomic Dynamics.
Ang, James, J. Madsen, and P. Robertson. Forthcoming. “Export Performance of the Asian Miracle Economies: The Role of Innovation and Product Variety.” Canadian Journal of Economics.
Ang, James. Forthcoming. “Technology Adoption and the Transition to Agriculture." Economic Inquiry.

Ang, James, and J. Madsen. Forthcoming. “Finance-led Growth in the OECD since the 19th Century: How Does Financial Development Transmit to Growth?” Review of Economics & Statistics.

Ang, James. Forthcoming.“What Drives the Historical Formation and Persistent Development of Territorial States?” Fo Scandinavian Journal of Economics.
Ang, James, and J. Madsen. Forthcoming. “What Drives Ideas Production across the World?.” Macroeconomic Dynamics.
Badi H. Baltagi, Qu Feng, Chihwa Kao. Forthcoming. "Estimation of Heterogeneous Panels with Structural Breaks." Journal of Econometrics.
Zheng Fang and C. Sakellariou. Forthcoming. “Social Insurance, Income and Subjective Well-being of Rural Migrants in China – An Application of Unconditional Quantile Regression.” Journal of Happiness Studies.
C. Sakellariou and Zheng Fang Forthcoming. “Returns to schooling for urban and migrant workers in China: A detailed investigation.” Applied Economics.
Zheng Fang and C. Sakellariou. Forthcoming. “Living Standards Inequality Between Migrants and Local Residents in Urban China – A Quantile Decomposition.” Contemporary Economic Policy.
Hong, Fuhai. Forthcoming. "International Environmental Agreements with Reference Points." Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics.
Riyanto, Yohanes E., and Jianlin Zhang. Forthcoming. "Putting a Price Tag on Others' Perception of Us." Experimental Economics. 
Tan, Kong Yam, and Tan Khee Giap. Forthcoming. “Assessing Competitiveness of ASEAN-10 Economies.” International Journal of Economics and Business Research.
Forthcoming Books
Ng, Yew Kwang. Economic Policy and Social Welfare. Fudan University Press. (Forthcoming)