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Euston QUAH

Head, Economics

Office: HSS-04-86
Telephone: 6790 6431

Research Areas: Environmental Economics, Resource Allocation and Cost-Benefit Analysis, Law and Economics and Household Economics. 

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AU Pak Hung 

Assistant Professor

Office: HSS-04-67

Telephone: 6790 4778

Research Areas: Microeconomic Theory and Behavioural Economics

Teaching Areas: Industrial Organisations, Intermediate Microeconomics and Information Economics. 

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Assistant Professor
Office: HSS-04-49
Telephone: 6592 1768
Research Areas: Experimental Economics, Behavioral Finance, Contract Theory.
Teaching Areas: Experimental Economics, Urban Economics, Econometrics, Microeconomics. 

CHEN Xiaoping 

Assistant Professor

Office: HSS-04-59
Telephone: 6790 5559
Research Areas: International trade, Political economy.

Teaching Areas: International Trade, Personnel Economics. 

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Faculty_Prof Chew Soon Beng.jpg

​CHEW Soon Beng

Professor of Economics

Office: HSS-04-78
Telephone: 6790 4761

Research Areas: Labour Markets and Trade Unions

Teaching Areas: Labour Economics and Industrial Relations

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Associate Professor
Office: HSS-04-66
Telephone: 6790 4290
Research Areas: Macroeconomics, International Economics and Development Economics.
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Associate Professor

Office: HSS-04-64
Telephone: 6790 4809

Research Areas: Applied Microeconomics, Labour Economics, Economics of Education, Economics of Gender.

Teaching areas: Mathematical Economics, Labour Economics, Microeconomics.

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Associate Professor

Office: HSS-04-48
Telephone: 6592 1543

Research Areas: Econometrics, Productivity Analysis and the Chinese Economy.

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Giovanni KO 

Assistant Professor

Office: HSS-04-38
Telephone: 6790 6736
Research Areas: Public Economics, Political Economics, Applied Microeconomic Theory.

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HE Tai-sen

Assistant Professor

Office: HSS-04-40
Telephone: 6592 2432

Research Areas: Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics.

Teaching Areas: 
Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Financial Economics.

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HONG Fuhai

Assistant Professor

Office: HSS-04-63
Telephone: 6592 4496

Research Areas: Environmental and Public Economics, Behavioral and Experimental Economics.

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HUANG Weihong 

Associate Professor

Office: HSS-04-74
Telephone: 6790 5733

Research Areas: Microeconomics, Industrial Organisation, Financial Economics, Public Economics to Nonlinear Economic Dynamics.

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Joseph Dennis ALBA

Associate Professor

Office: HSS-04-80
Telephone: 6790 6234
Research Areas: International Macroeconomics, Determinants of Exchange Rates, Monetary Policy Regimes in Developing Countries.

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James ANG 

Associate Professor

Office: HSS-04-42
Telephone: 6592 7534
Research Areas: Long-Run Comparative Development; Culture and Economics. 

Teaching Areas: Economic Growth, Financial Development.

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KANG Minwook 

Assistant Professor

Office: HSS-04-58
Telephone: 6513 8162

Research Areas: Macroeconomics, Economic Theory, Financial Economics, International Economics. 

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LEONG Kaiwen 

Assistant Professor

Office: HSS-04-52

Telephone: 6790 6735

Research Areas: Econometrics, Statistics and Data Analysis for Economics, Introduction to Macroeconomics and The Great Recession: Causes, Consequences and Remedies.

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LIM Chong Yah

Emeritus Professor

Office: HSS-04-88
Research Areas: Development Economics, Stabilisation Economics, and Wage and Wage Policy.

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LOW Chan Kee 

Associate Professor

Office: HSS-04-84
Telephone: 6790 6751

Research Areas: Macroeconomics, Economic Theory, Financial Economics, International Economics.   

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NG Yew Kwang 

Albert Winsemius Chair Professor

Office: HSS-04-72
Telephone: 6790 6785

Research Areas: Welfare Economics (including Social Choice, Public Policy, Environmental Issues), Microeconomic Foundation of Macroeconomics, Inframarginal Analysis of Specialisation, Proper Limits of Markets.

Teaching Areas: Microeconomics, Welfare Economics.

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SNG Hui Ying


Office: HSS-04-60
Telephone: 6790 4348

Research Areas: Singapore Economy, ASEAN Economies, Development Economics. 

Teaching Areas: Singapore Economy, Principles of Economics.

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TAN Kong Yam


Office: HSS-04-82
Telephone: 6316 8837
Research Areas: China Economic Reform, Capital Account Liberalisation, China-ASEAN Linkages.

Teaching Areas: China Economy, International Trade and Finance.

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Tan Teck Yong.jpg

TAN Teck Yong

Assistant Professor

Office: HSS-04-46
Telephone: 6513 8107


Research Areas: Contract theory; Organizational Economics; Microeconomic Theory

Teaching Areas: Microeconomics, Game Theory, Contract Theory, Organizational Economics, Personnel Economics and Labour Economics 

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Assistant Professor

Office: HSS-04-56
Telephone: 6790 6115

Research Areas: Growth and Development, Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics, Real Estate Economics, Computational Economics.

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WANG Wei Siang 


Office: HSS-04-55
Telephone: 6514 1092

Research Areas: Econometrics, Stochastic Frontier Analysis, and International Finance. 

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Photo Wenjie Wang.jpg

​Wang Wenjie

Assistant Professor

Office: HSS-04-65
Telephone: 63168 958

Research Areas: Econometric Theory, Applied Econometrics, Policy Evaluation, and Behavioral Economics

Teaching AreasEconometrics, Applied Econometrics, and Financial Econometrics 

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WU Guiying Laura 

Assistant Professor

Office: HSS-04-77
Telephone: 6592 1553
Research Areas: Firm Investment, Corporate Finance, Structural Estimation, Chinese Economy.

Teaching Areas: Macroeconomics, Corporate Finance, Chinese Economy.  

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YAN Jubo

Assistant Professor

Office: HSS-04-68
Telephone: 6513 2249
Research Areas: Behavioural and Experimental Economics, Environmental and Energy Economics.

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YIP Sau Leung Paul 

Associate Professor

Office: HSS-04-62
Telephone: 6790 4983
Research Areas: International Monetary Economics, Applied Econometrics, Exchange Rate Systems and Reforms in Singapore, Hong Kong and China, Asian Financial Crisis, and Capital Flight and Foreign Direct Investment in China.

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Yohanes Eko RIYANTO   

Associate Chair (Academic)
Associate Professor

Office: HSS-4-17 / HSS-06-15B
Telephone: 6592 1578 / 6790 6271
Research Areas: Applied Microeconomics, Experimental and Behavioral Economics, Industrial Organization and Corporate Finance and Governance.

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