School of Social Sciences (SSS) degrees renamed to Bachelor of Social Sciences

​The School has renamed the SSS degree titles to the Bachelor of Social Sciences. The decision for this renaming was taken after extensive consultation with our current students, our alumni and other stakeholders. We are grateful for all the carefully considered feedback and unwavering support.
The renaming will apply to all SSS degree programmes starting with the cohorts that matriculated in 2017 and will be graduating in 2021. Students who matriculated in 2017, 2018 and 2019 will have the option of graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree, if they choose. Students in later cohorts will all receive a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree. We will not be making any retrospective changes to the degree titles of our alumni.

We are renaming the degree titles to the Bachelor of Social Sciences for two main reasons:
i)    With the reorganisation of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences into School of Social Sciences (SSS) and the School of Humanities in April 2017, the majors currently offered by SSS, which include Economics, Psychology, Public Policy and Global Affairs, and Sociology, together with the double majors or double degrees all fall clearly into the category of Social Sciences; and
ii)   It will indicate to employers the type of training that our students receive, as it would bring the SSS degree titles in line with those offered by similar degree programmes in the other universities in Singapore.
We would like to emphasise that all our students, past, present and future, continue to receive high quality education with academic rigour. Therefore, a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Social Sciences are both equally valuable and relevant. Our students and alumni with either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Social Sciences are fully recognised as members of the SSS family.
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