Master of Science in Applied Gerontology


Course Description

Core Courses​

The four core courses equip students with foundational competencies in gerontology.

Ageing Asia: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

An overview of the field of ageing from psychological and sociological perspectives, including an understanding of the major theoretical and substantive areas of the field. The course emphasizes the complexity of ageing, recognizing that it is a multidimensional process. Students will examine the demographic, social, and economic trends of global ageing, paying attention to particularly graying Asian societies.

Ageing Policy and Practice in Asian Contexts

This course guides students through a range of key issues that are faced by Asian societies with population ageing, encourages them to critically appraise specific policy responses, and to identify practical lessons to be learned from the experiences of countries experiencing rapid and advanced ageing. Different models of health, income and social care provisions in older populations and policy responses to population ageing at the international, national and regional levels will be considered.

Physiology and Biology of Ageing

Unravel the complexity of the ageing process by providing a systematic study of the biological changes that occur with ageing. Comparison will be made between the structures and “normal” functions of organ systems and age-related modifications. A survey of current theories on mechanisms of ageing, analysis of relationship of late-onset disease to the ageing process, and explanatory models on mental and physical impact of ageing will be explored.

Applied Research in Gerontology​

Applied Research in Gerontology provides an overview of the multiplicity of methods available for gerontological research. Research methods in the social sciences, biomedical research, public policy and social work will be covered. Students will gain a broad conceptual understanding of the various methods, and gain practical experience on using the methods with data, identify research strategies and conduct research in gerontological topics.​​