SSS Research Updates

Apart from being highly dedicated teachers, our faculty members are also top-notch researchers.

As leaders of cutting-edge research between the Social Sciences and other disciplines, their research contribute to the societal progress of Singapore and beyond. Some of them have received prestigious or generous grants for their research. 

Ministry of Education (MOE) Academic Research Fund (AcRF) Grant Awards

Principal Investigator​

Grant Type

Project Title

Professor Annabel Chen

MOE AcRF Tier 2

Assessing causality of the association between exercise and neurocognitive gains

Assoc Prof James Ang

MOE AcRF Tier 2

Cultural orientations and long-term comparative economic development

External Grants
​Principal Investigator

​Funding Agency ​Project Tile

Huang Weihong

Society For Future Research

Data Mining in Economic Analysis With Rose (project extension with additional funding)

Asst Prof Laavanya Kathiravelu

Social Science and Humanities Research (SSHR) Fellowsh​​ip

​Does citizenship matter? Interrogating second-generation (im)migrant incorporation in Singapore and Qatar

Press Release 

Assoc Prof Xu Hong



Land Transport Authority

Study on the acceptable reflectance level of body wrap and paintwork on road vehicles – Objective and Perceptual Measurements

AI Singapore

An end-to-end Adaptive AI-Assisted 3H (A3C) system

The Joint NTU-WeBank Research Centre of Eco-Intelligent Applications

Customized WeUX Index Design and Model Optimization in User Experience

Assoc Prof Andy Ho



Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore (RRIS)

A Longitudinal Mixed-Method Study on Psychosocial QOL Trajectories of first-time Stoke Patients and their family caregivers in Singapore

Lien Foundation

Non-Palliative Care Professional Caring for End-of-Life Patients: A Lived Experience Study

Ageing Research Institute for Society and ​Education (ARISE)

The Cost of Care in Advanced Dementia: Blessing or Burden

Nanyang Asst Prof Suzy Styles​​

National Research Foundation Singapore (NRF) – Science of Learning

How language mixes contribute to effective bilingualism and effective biliteracy in Singapore

Featured Publications
Our faculty’s cutting edge research takes an interdisciplinary perspective that contributes to the Social Sciences and other disciplines. They investigate a wide range of subjects - all of which endeavour to answer important questions about human behaviours and the changing world. 
​Title of
​Author(s)/Editor(s) ​Brief Overview
​An Emerging Asian Model of Governance and Transnational Knowledge Transfer ​Ting-Yan Wang, Hong Liu ​This timely volume explores the emergence of Asian models of governance, taking into account the shifting global political economic landscape and the region’s rapid growth in recent decades. As well as theoretical explorations, the book also provides rich empirical evidence on the contextualized lessons accumulated in Asia, offering a more nuanced understanding of Asian governance experience through comparative case studies.

More information here​​.
​Shangmai yu Shangdao: Guoji Huashang Yanjiu Wenji [Commercial Networks and Business Behaviours: Studies in Global Chinese Entrepreneurship] ​Long Denggao, Liu Hong ​​This book examines the dynamics, characteristics, challenges and future prospects of global Chinese entrepreneurship from historical, sociological, economic, and management perspectives. 
​Routledge Focus on Public Governance in Asia Hong Liu, Wenxuan Yu ​Focusing on new governance challenges, practices and experiences in and about a globalizing Asia, particularly East Asia and Southeast Asia, this focus series invites upcoming and established researchers all over the world to succinctly and comprehensively discuss important public administration and policy themes such as government administrative reform, public budgeting reform, government crisis management, public private partnership, science and technology policy, technology-enabled public service delivery, public health and aging, talent management, and anticorruption across Asian countries. 

More information here.
​This Is What Inequality Looks Like  ​Teo You Yenn  ​This book—an ethnography of inequality—addresses these questions. Formed by a series of essays, they are written to be read individually, but have been arranged to be read as a totality and in sequence. Each aims to accomplish two things: first, to introduce a key aspect of the experience of being low-income in contemporary Singapore. Second, to illustrate how people’s experiences are linked to structural conditions of inequality.

More information here.
​Sustainability through the Lens of Environmental Sociology ​Md Saidul Islam ​This Special Issue of Sustainability will provide an environmental sociology approach to understanding and achieving the widely used notion of “Sustainability.” The Special Issue will focus on, among other topics, the inherent discursive formations of environmental sociology, conceptual tools and paradoxes, competing theories and practices, and their complex implications on our society at large.

More information here.
​Qiaopi Trade and Transnational Networks in the Chinese Diaspora ​Gregor Benton, Prof
Hong Liu and Dr Zhang Huimei
​This book seeks to examine the qiaopi (letters written home by Chinese emigrants to accompany remittances) from two interconnected perspectives. One view qiaopi from a political and institutional angle, the other from a financial and social angle. As one of the first books in English on the qiaopi trade and its significance, this book will appeal to students and scholars of Chinese history and Chinese migration, as well as Migration Studies and Diaspora studies more generally. 

More information here
​Dear China: Emigrant Letters and Remittances, 1820 - 1980 ​Gregor Benton and Hong Liu Dear China is the first book-length study in English of qiaopi and of the origins, structure, and operations of the qiaopi trade. The authors explore the characteristics and transformations of qiaopi, showing how such institutionalized and cross-national mechanisms helped sustain families separated by distance and state frontiers and contributed to the sending regions’ socioeconomic development. Dear China contributes substantially to our understanding of modern Chinese history and to the comparative study of global migration.

More information here​. ​