SSS Research Updates

Apart from being highly dedicated teachers, our faculty members are also top-notch researchers.

As leaders of cutting-edge research between the Social Sciences and other disciplines, their research contribute to the societal progress of Singapore and beyond. Some of them have received prestigious or generous grants for their research. 

Name of Principal Investigator (PI)

Funding Agency/Grant Type

Title of Project​

Nanyang Asst Prof Suzy Styles​​

National Research Foundation Singapore (NRF) – Science of Learning

How language mixes contribute to effective bilingualism and effective biliteracy in Singapore

Assoc Prof James Ang

Ministry of Education Tier 2

Cultural orientations and long-term comparative economic development

Assoc Prof Joyce Pang Shu Min

DSO National Laboratories

Examining contact theory in online environments

Asst Prof Kenichi Ito

NRF – Behavioural Studies in Energy, Water, Waste and Transportation Sectors (BSEWWT)

Making recycling fun in Singapore

Asst Prof Andy Ho Hau Yan

National Art Council

Project ARTISAN: Fostering Aspiration and Resilience through Intergenerational Storytelling & Art-Based Narrative

Asst Prof Eunae Cho

Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF)

Predictors and Consequences of Work-Family Experiences: Study of Working Caregivers of Older Adults

Featured Publications
Our faculty’s cutting-edge research takes an interdisciplinary perspective that contributes to the Social Sciences and Asian Studies.
​Title of
​Author(s)/Editor(s) ​Brief Overview
​Qiaopi Trade and Transnational Networks in the Chinese Diaspora ​Gregor Benton, Prof
Liu Hong and Dr Zhang Huimei
​This book seeks to examine the qiaopi (letters written home by Chinese emigrants to accompany remittances) from two interconnected perspectives. One view qiaopi from a political and institutional angle, the other from a financial and social angle. As one of the first books in English on the qiaopi trade and its significance, this book will appeal to students and scholars of Chinese history and Chinese migration, as well as Migration Studies and Diaspora studies more generally. 

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​Dear China: Emigrant Letters and Remittances, 1820 - 1980 ​Gregor Benton and Prof Liu Hong Dear China is the first book-length study in English of qiaopi and of the origins, structure, and operations of the qiaopi trade. The authors explore the characteristics and transformations of qiaopi, showing how such institutionalized and cross-national mechanisms helped sustain families separated by distance and state frontiers and contributed to the sending regions’ socioeconomic development. Dear China contributes substantially to our understanding of modern Chinese history and to the comparative study of global migration.

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