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​What's due for discussion, and how?

Published on: 07-Dec-2020

The Straits Times, page A39

The direction and destination for the state of race in Singapore resurfaced during the General Election in July. President Halimah Yacob acknowledged the desire for more open conversations in her speech at the opening of Parliament in August. In ST's straw poll, a significant proportion of respondents said they had encountered racism at the workplace. They shared how they were asked questions at job interviews that would not have been asked of someone from the majority race, or how at the workplace they were referred to by their race rather than their name, and how most of their colleagues spoke in Mandarin. Sociologist Laavanya Kathiravelu, an assistant professor at NTU said, "Discriminated minorities have to work harder to dispel damaging stereotypes and attain recognition for the same work. Others who are not subject to stereotypes benefit from being seen positively or in neutral terms from the start."

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