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​News | Mother-child's relation might be affected due to parenting stress

Published on: 30-Aug-2019

Devdicourse (India) 

With parenting comes stress, and it can affect both the mother and the child, says a new study. The study published in the journal 'Scientific Reports' analysed the brain activity of 31 pairs of mother and child from Singapore while they were watching children's animation clips together. They found that mothers who reported higher levels of parenting stress had less synchrony in brain activity with their child (all aged around 3 years old) than those who reported lower levels of parenting stress. "Parenting stress may very well weaken mother-child communication early in the process of social interaction. Our observations likely stem from the stressed mother's reduced ability to share her child's perspective," said senior author and assistant professor Gianluca Esposito, from the School of Social Sciences who leads the Social and Affective Neuroscience Lab (SAN-Lab) at NTU Singapore. "Our study brings us a step closer to uncovering how parenting stress weakens the mother-child relationship on a day-to-day basis," said first author Ms Atiqah Azhari, a PhD candidate at the SAN-Lab at NTU.

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