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​News | NTU research finds mother and child communication cut off due to parenting stress

Published on: 30-Aug-2019

International Business Times

NTU, in collaboration with researchers from the US' National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and Italy's University of Trento and University of Padova, has conducted a study which revealed the effects of the stress due to parenting in the brains of both mother and children. The researchers from NTU analysed the brain activity of 31 pairs of Singaporean mother and child, who are aged around three. During the research, the team found that those who reported a high level of parenting stress had less synchrony in brain activity with their child compared to those mothers who reported lower levels of parenting stress. The lead author of this study, Asst Prof Gianluca Esposito, from the School of Social Sciences who leads the Social and Affective Neuroscience Lab (SAN-Lab) at NTU, said this research which was published in Nature Scientific Reports, showed that "parenting stress may very well weaken mother-child communication early in the process of social interaction."

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