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​News | Parenting stress can affect mother and child emotional connection – NTU study

Published on: 29-Aug-2019

Suria, 8pm and online

A study led by NTU has revealed the effects of the stress of parenting in the brains of both mothers and their children. The NTU research team used a method of scanning the brain through near-infrared technology. The research team compared the mother’s and child’s brain activity to calculate brain-to-brain synchrony and found that for those parents reporting higher levels of parenting stress, the degree of mother-child synchrony in part of the prefrontal cortex was diminished, compared to those parents reporting lower stress who had better synchrony. Ms. Atiqah Azhari, a PhD candidate at NTU’s School of Social Sciences, said she hoped that the findings can be made public so that parents are aware that reducing parenting pressure is important for the child's upbringing and psychological well-being.

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