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​Building a Community Through Transnational Knowledge Exchange

Published on: 31-Jul-2017


Held from 31 July to 5 August, this year’s East Asian University Institute (EAUI) Summer School was hosted by NTU, School of Social Sciences (SSS), School of Humanities (SoH), and Nanyang Centre of Public Administration (NCPA). The EAUI, has been organising annual Summer and Winter Schools since 2012. It was launched by the five partner universities: Waseda University, Korea University, Nanyang Technological University, Peking University, and Thammasat University. Close to 40 participants from the five partner universities took part in the symposiums, field trips and presentations offered.

EAUI Summer School 2017 commenced with a welcome speech by Professor Liu Hong, Chair of the School of Social Sciences. Addressing faculty members as well as student participants from the five universities, Professor Liu shared recent developments at NTU and how partnering with top universities in Asia in formal mechanisms such as the EAUI complement the research of faculty and learning of students. He also stated that the EAUI aims to enhance the integration of East Asia through three pillars: student exchange, establishment of joint educational programmes and intellectual dialogue on East Asia. 

Exploring this year’s theme of “Asian Regional Community Building through Transnational Knowledge Exchange”, leading scholars from the five universities presented different regional/state and theoretical perspectives. Meanwhile, the symposium addressed the complexities of Asian regional community building by identifying the top-down (regionalism) and bottom-up (regionalisation) approaches to establish an Asian regional community. Cooperative and competitive aspects of community building were analysed and its prospects discussed as well.

In addition, the 38 student participants from the five universities were grouped to work on topics that were raised during the lectures. Each group was made up of participants from various partner schools, offering students the opportunity to not only form new networks, but to interact and collaborate with peers from different cultural backgrounds as well. The group that won the best presentation had outshined the others with their creativity by using Winnie the Pooh and KungFu Panda to illustrate their discussion topic!

Korea University will take over from NTU to host EAUI Summer School 2018 where all five institutions are expected to attend once again.

Presentations made by the different universities at this year’s Summer School:

UniversityFaculty MemberItemTopic
Korea University ​LEE Yong WookLectureSoft Power and Korea's Knowledge Sharing ODA Policy
SON Key-youngSymposiumKantian Community or Hegelian Community?: China's Rise, "Order Wars" and the Future of East Asia's Regional Community
Peking University ​LEI ShaohuaLectureRegional Community Building through E-commerce
ZHAI KunSymposiumThe Fluctuation Pattern of ASEAN's Leading Role in East Asian Cooperation 1997 -2017
Thammasat University ​

Chanintira NA THALANG

SymposiumWorking towards a People-Centred Community: Challenge with Diversity within ASEAN
Takashi TSUKAMOTOLectureImagining an Unimaginable Dream: Disputes, Dialogue and Regional Community Building in Asia
Waseda University ​Kaoru NABESHIMA ​LectureTechnology Transfer in East Asia
SymposiumFormation of Knowledge Network in East Asia
Nanyang Technological University ​Hallam STEVENSLectureCirculating Biomedical Knowledge Between Asia and the West
Celia LEESymposiumBuilding a Model of Knowledge Transfer in the Region: Actors, Processes and Outcomes


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