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​Psychology Seminar | A Common Mechanism Processes Auditory and Visual Motion 

Published on: 15-Oct-2018

EventA Common Mechanism Processes Auditory and Visual Motion
Professor David Alais 
School of Psychology
University of Sydney, Australia
Date15 October 2018, Monday
VenueHSS Conference Room (HSS-05-57)
Time4:00pm – 5:30pm
All are welcome to attend the seminar. 

We tested for common processing of auditory and visual motion using visual or auditory stimuli drifting left or right at various speeds. Observers discriminated speed on each trial, comparing current speed to the average of all speeds (method of single stimuli), and mean perceived speed was calculated. We tested the relationship between consecutive trials in a sequential dependency analysis. Vision-only: motion was perceived faster after a fast preceding motion (and slower following a slow motion). This is a positive serial dependency or motion priming effect. Audition-only: the same positive dependency occurred for auditory motion, showing a positive priming effect. In the key condition, visual and auditory motion were alternated over trials. Whether vision preceded audition, or audition preceded vision, positive serial dependencies were observed: audition primed visual motion and vision primed auditory motion. Based on the strong cross-modal priming and the similar magnitude of serial dependency in all condition, we conclude a common, supramodal mechanism processes motion regardless of visual or auditory input.  

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